Knowing Me – the mind behind the mess


I’m a 26 year old solo parent to a 6 year old boy. Struggling like the majority of the world to cope with our lives. Being a solo parent has its own difficulties, partnered with an overworked-underpaid job, little to no money, constant battle of motivation to keep our bodies healthy and strong, and faced with trying to be happy and satisfied when my eyes are open to the truths of mankind around me.

It all sounds very gloom and doom, I know. But this is where my blog comes in.

I created this blog to capture all of my thoughts, ideas and journeys through this crazy life. To post that which is important to me, to help me understand the mess in my mind, and visualise a mind map of the life I am seeking. All of the things which make me smile, laugh, cry, or all three at once will be captured and talked about here.

I’ve never known what I want to do, where I want to be. I have so much ambition and energy to do something meaningful in my lifetime, yet I don’t know where to start and each day I feel it going to waste.

This is my journey to find myself.

To be the best I can be.

It may get a little risky, but I have hope. I can do this!

Follow me if you dare.


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