Experience London – Day Two

Day two rolled around and I was up, showered and ready for breakfast at 8am sharp. 

Our B&B offered a limited selection of toast, various cereals, and crossaints, with orange juice or a cuppa; we had a mix of all since they were free. We were the only English guests that morning, and we had met a lovely Spanish couple in the lift who told us they were only here for one day. What better place to be?

After breakfast we collected our backpack and headed out the door into the rain in the direction of the Natural History Museum which was a good half hour walk from our hotel. Finding it was pretty straight forward, even without a working GPS or map. Once there we found a queue which stretched and twisted a good 100 yards from the entrance. We gave it a miss this morning and entered next door into the spectacular London Science Museum. It was marvellous with a great wealth of information to absorb.

Inside, we were drawn straight to the spacecraft and planes which were suspended directly above our heads, displaying their underbodies in all their glory. Brody loved this section the most. It had multiple floors to explore and hundreds of interactive stations to get stuck into. We also stopped to listen to a few talks that were being given which were highly welcomed. 

Having left the Science Museum, we edged around the corner to the Victoria and Albert Museum and breifly amused ourselves inside at the many displays. The architecture was splendid! Should you enjoy ancient world culture and gazing upon general historical sculptures, then this is your wonderland.

We left, grabbed some grub as we walked back to Victoria central and decided to use our Oyster Card for the first time and board a train to Westminster pier. The process was so simple and quick. 

Every experience I have had on our first two days in London has just highlighted how wonderfully smooth life in London really is, and how lacking Lancashire’s facilities are. 

The station was clean, the tube map was straightforward. I stopped for a moment to check our direction was correct when a lovely girl approached us to help. She made sure we went the correct way and didn’t mind at all – just like all other people we have met on our journey here. This was quite the opposite from our hometown. The train bended with the underground rail and we departed at Westminster.

The station brought us out at the pier where we were met by many more famous structures, such as the Big Ben, the Houses of Parliment, London Eye, London Dungeon and London Aquarium. We paid our cruise ticket fee of £10 then went on a walk along the strip besides Scotland Yard. Half hour later we climbed on deck and sat up front with a brew and egg mayo sandwich whilst we watched the boat pull gracefully away from the pier. I love boats (of any kind) so much – in fact I love anything on water, in water or just plain old water! Once we were moving we gathered our bags and stood up top to take in the sights lit up against the backdrop of the night sky. We passed under bridges, besides the Shard, then ITV studios, floated by HMS Belfast and then finally turned to capture the Tower Bridge in the distance, before pulling up to the exiting pier. Brody kindly tipped the Captain and received a jolly “thanks Captain” in response. 

By now, it was dark and we were a little cold, so we walked to find the underground, followed the signs to the correct circle line tube, got on board the train which had just pulled up, and sped off in the direction of Victoria. We traced our steps back to the hotel and I felt proud that I had not had to look at a map once. This place felt like home.

It had occurred to me that whenever I am somewhere foreign to me, I love getting lost and easily find my way around. Yet when we are at home i.e. in Lancashire, I dislike the expereince. I feel safe in other lands. I’m not crazy, I think…

I now sit writing this post before I setup our cooking station and make us some chicken tika and rice. 
Tomorrow we are to set out on another journey to the London Motor Museum, and possibly explore the five levels of HMS Belfast’s warship. 

Until next time guys. 


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