The Daily Grind

When the boss is away, the mice shall play…

The boss is away for a whole week.
I usually am more productive when he is away as I don’t have someone hanging over me every second, I can be left to crack on.

But today is different. Today I woke up with a groggy head and blocked sinuses. So I’m unfocussed and wanting to procrastinate – which is what I have done all morning. 

Procrastination has been in full swing.

The rest of the office crew has worked with this and offered plenty of discussion throughout the day. 

One topic even mentioned me having a camel toe! This cracked me up something chronic! My office pal sent me a text to remind me whilst I was in the sandwich shop:

After returning from my lunch the conversation digressed to moustaches and had the office in fits of laughter when it turns out I say ‘mushdash’. How I laughed. I needed it. For some reason it really tickled me and I couldn’t breathe to get air to finish my story. Tears rolled down my face as I hid behind a paper document trying to calm down. 

Hahaha! This is the general jist of our office. This is the only reason I have to stay to keep on in my current role – it’s my good ole ‘bashturd’ friends!!

Here’s to good friends in time of need. 

                                                                    But I still hate my job… XD


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