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Unexpected Surprises and Smiles

Don’t you just love a good surprise that comes your way?!

It brings joy to your day. Can turn your whole day right around in fact.

Well I’ve had a few surprises today, but I will give you a little background first.

I have been seeking a new job recently, applied to numerous positions, had numerous interviews with employers and recruiters to which I have been offered many – yet I have turned them all down. Each one has turned out to add a possible hindrance to my life rather than benefiting it.

On Friday, I had an interview for a position in the NHS which I had been looking forward to for a few weeks. I had prepared and was quite nervous since I know I don’t do too well at drawing satisfactory examples from my unorganised brain for questions which are completely meaningless to me, such as ‘Can you tell me what attracted you to this particular role’ or ‘Give me an example of how you have worked well as a team’. I don’t care to stress my brain in order to formulate an answer which sounds satisfactory to you. I am more than capable for the job, just let me show you instead!

But that’s not how life works.

Well, I nailed the interview. Actually, I nailed it too well! The managers who interviewed me were immature and sarcastic, and I think I came across too educated in my approach. That’s not to say I am the best, because I fuck up – a lot! But I did very well at making them think I was the best for the job. And that had a negative impact on me.

Of course, I don’t know if I failed the interview as yet since I have until tomorrow to hear from them should I have been offered the role. But my gut instinct is often very good at telling the truth.

The surprise, however, came today from another role in my current field of trade (insurance). I had a telephone meeting interview with three ladies, and I did very well again. Yet, again I refused the role.

‘Why?!’ you may ask. I’ll tell you why. Because, although the job were excellent, the hours and pay did not suit my needs.

Let’s get real here. I’m a single mother living in a private rented house in a shabby area of the UK. I currently work 27.5 hours per week (9:00 – 15:00) and bring in close to £900 on a good month. I then get a little help from the government with payments towards childcare and housing. The rest is to my expense. My current role is a 15 minute walk from my house and a 5 minute walk from my son’s school (no need for a car right now). The government says that so long as I work between 16 – 30 hours per month I will receive help should I be struggling financially. IF, however, my hours increase, say to a full time 9-5 position, I receive NO help.

Let me make this clear: I have worked my whole life from leaving school. I have attended various college courses, university and educated myself with online education programs and thousands of books/internet based knowledge. I love learning. I love working!

But because I wont receive any help should my hours increase, I will not be able to take a full time job and live too. This particular job offers a monthly taking of £1,100 – only £300 more of that of which I currently earn. That £300 per month makes all the difference when I have a rented home at £425 per month, bills at £600 per month, school fees (varied throughout the year – though reach £580 in the 6 week school holidays!!), and not to mention costs of food, travel, life, health, and unexpected payments on top too!

How does one survive?!

But I bet you are saying ‘where is the nice surprise here’?!

The surprise is between the lines! Though I may not have found the right job for me right now, I take pride in knowing that should I need to get another job, should I want to move on and progressed, I have the opportunity there! I have proven it to myself and gained some confidence and experience in the process.

On that note, I have just taken a phone call with a lady who came across my CV online. She assesses psychedelic aspects of a person and having concluded the interview, she noted that I was very well suited to the job in which I currently do and it works well with me naturally.

Maybe I wont change my role. Though it is great to know that opportunity is everywhere.

Plus, I had a lunch break brew today with a lovely man I have been getting to know recently too. He’s very much my type – who knows where this may lead… 😉

Look in the mirror – that’s your competition.


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