The Daily Grind

Day One.

Navigate your way through my mind and take a walk in my shoes.

I’ve been split in two today.

The morning started terrible anyway. Waking to a thumping headache and my little boy hogging the space beside me in my bed having climbed in during the night whilst I was blissfully sleeping. His legs are sprawled over mine and I’m hot in the crumpled covers.

The previous night I had good intentions. Excellent intentions, in fact. I had planned to go swimming again, as a normal Sunday routine (though ‘normal’ is what I am striving for here), then clean the house ready for work the following day. You may have gathered, none of that happened.

I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed again due to my headache. Why do my mornings have to begin like this? Why am I so prepared to go out and explore and eat healthy and smile so much the night before, yet in the morning I am a new woman, a worse woman.

It’s like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

This is my worst battle every. single. day.

And as I write this post at 1:14am I prepare yet again for good intentions tomorrow;

  1. Wake early (not so sure since I am still awake now!)
  2. Take 5 minutes to just sit and smile
  3. Wash up at least all the cups and glasses
  4. Prepare a healthy breakfast (yogurt, nuts, seeds, flax, chia)
  5. Prepare a healthy lunch for work (tortilla, quinoa, beans, supersprings, nuts, feta)
  6. Shower & tie hair up (I know now I will not have time to wash my hair since I wont be getting out of bed ’til late due to the time now!)
  7. Be proactive at work
  8. Spend quality time with my son after work
  9. Make sure I remove my makeup and oil my face before bed
  10. Sleep early

Watch this space…


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