Pre-Dive Anti-Panic Prep

Whilst packing…

…my bags for this weekend’s upcoming dive trip at Farne Islands (UK), scanning back through my dive log book I realise I’ve now dived a grand(!) total of 13 dives which includes five pleasure dives – the remaining dives have formed some part of a qualification. All dives were completed in an inland water source such as a lake or quarry.

Thinking back,

…on five of these dives I had panicked a good few meters down and worked the regs like I were starving. Fortunately, I was aware of my rapid breathing and calmed myself on each occasion. Granted two of these dives I had got narc’d so who can blame me?! Thus! a lively nerve was born and it’s easily excited on each succeeding dive. This has become a bit of a problem as you can imagine.

The Farnes trip shall be my first sea dive and I have no idea what to expect. I’m a little anxious to be plunging into the ocean’s yawning mouth in the first place, not to mention having to make sure I don’t hit the panic button!

Moments later…

I have however done more of what I do best [think! for those of you who may not have guessed it] and decided that this all started when I stepped into a drysuit, rather than a simple wetsuit which I was previously diving in, and I encounter it early into my dive at around 6 – 12 meters. SO… my solution is to disconnect the negative connotations from the drysuit and my descent 👍Good plan isn’t it 😏

So before my next (and possibly final dive if it doesn’t work, as I shall drown and offer myself to the sea) I aim to use a daily dose of meditation as the key to all life’s little problems [you got any better suggestions let me know!]. Four days to go and counting…

And if this placebo effect fails me and Panic rears his ugly head again, then let this be my testament.

Farewell fellow aquanauts

K x